Damp Survey London

Damp Survey London

If you need a damp survey London, we offer 100% Independent Honest, Expert Damp and Condensation Advice.

Don’t waste money on useless treatments and chemicals.

Same day surveys/reports from £199.

Welcome To City Damp Surveys.

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We provide honest, independent damp surveys and solutions for London property owners.

If you think you need damp proofing repairs or condensation advice please read this post and please consider using our services before spending thousands of pounds on damp proofing works that you may not need.

Call us today for an honest, independent advice about Damp Survey London.

We are offer honest expert 100% independent damp proofing advice.

My name is Kevin Reid BSc ISSE, and for the past six years I have been helping London property owners solve their damp and condensation problems.

I have helped thousands of clients solve their damp problems, and the solutions are usually very inexpensive.

Most damp problems are related to condensation.

Warm wet air cooling or condensing on a cold part of your walls.

This usually happens at the bottom of the wall (where it’s coldest) or around windows and external doors.

It is not caused by rising damp.

Britain’s houses do not suck water up from the ground, and do not need water-repellent chemicals injected into their walls.

Most cases of so-called rising damp is nothing of the kind.

There is very little moisture in the ground under your house, and it does not and cannot magically levitate one meter up your walls.

In most cases of so-called rising damp, usually diagnosed by building surveyors and chemical damp salesmen, there will be no obvious signs of dampness or staining: the sole evidence will be readings on an electrical meter. 

And therein lies the root of the problem.

These meters do not measure moisture, but electrical conductance, and when they are pressed into wallpaper or plaster, they often give high (and incorrect) readings, even when the wall underneath is dry.

Have a look at the photo below. The £380 damp meter said the wall was 99.9% damp (impossible!). When we drilled into the wall it was 100% dry (dust!).

In this case a decorator has put a heavy coat of white filler over the plaster, and that’s why the meter reads high – not because of damp.

The damp meter reads 99.9 % moisture content but the wall is actually bone dry.

Damp meter readings are unreliable and shouldn’t be trusted. You should never agree to undertake expensive (and probably unnecessary) damp proofing works solely on the basis of damp meter readings.

Most of the properties being diagnosed as having damp during the sales process actually have no rising damp at all.

I am totally independent and have no links to any damp proofing companies or any damp proofing trade groups.

The service I offer is to help my clients understand the causes of dampness in their properties and to provide proven, effective and usually inexpensive solutions.

At City Damp Surveys we examine over a dozen different aspects of the property to determine whether damp is present.

These include checking: gutters, drains, ground levels, brick work/pointing/render, roofing defects, testing the plaster for moisture, and many other things.

Most of our damp surveys take 1-1.5 hours.

Don’t be fooled by the offer of a ‘free’ damp survey.

Chemicals cannot and do not solve damp problems.

Diagnosing and solving damp problems takes time and experience.

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Damp Survey London

We charge from £249 to local London locations for a full damp survey with report. (from £299 for a damp/timber survey) *

* Prices are slightly higher to different locations.
We are located in Barnes (SW14) so surveys in North and East London are typically £50 higher than the prices quoted above.

Most of the houses I survey do not require expensive and invasive damp proofing treatments.


Don’t let anyone drill holes in your brick walls. Chemical injections DO NOT solve damp problems.

Chemical injections do not and cannot solve these problems.

Chemical injections into masonry walls is 100% ineffective and is a total waste of money.

I am a PCA trained damp and timber surveyor specialising in historic London residential properties.

I am a member of the Institute Of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers.

I have been involved in the damp proofing business for over 30 years. I hold a four year Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences.

To date, I have surveyed over 5,000 residential and commercial properties in the Greater London area for damp and timber issues.

I have saved thousands of London homeowners from spending thousands of pounds on unnecessary and often useless damp proofing treatments.

We give a truly independent service – we do not recommend unnecessary work or treatments.

As part of the survey we provide estimates of costs of damp and/or building repairs when they are needed.

Damp Survey London

We provide totally honest independent damp surveys.

To contact is please email us at kevin@citydampsurveys.co.uk –  or give us a call.

We will respond with 10 minutes.

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We are available from 930am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

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